Volts and Bolts


If you thought only video slots were the real fun, then you obviously have never tried playing the Volts and Bolts casino game. This multi-player, high roller slot machine is a mad scientist’s creation and in addition to where you can win large sums of money, you can also claim huge bonus prizes. The Volts and Bolts game is from Williams Interactive and has some fun graphics, with plenty of 3D-effects to really make the graphics come to life. It doesn’t matter how good a blackjack player you are, this game will surely be an entertaining experience, both for you and your guests. The graphics are very well done, so even if you are not into playing blackjack or don’t know too much about how the slots work, you will still have a great time winning, losing and having fun.

The Volts and Bolts machines are themed as though you were working at a mental institution, where they would call out numbers from one to fifty on the reels. After hitting on a number on the reel, another number appears and the play continues. To make it more exciting, you are allowed to stop on any particular number, but once you do that, the wheels stop and play stops, and you are forced to wait until you are called back. So no matter how good you are at counting the number of rotations, it is going to take you quite some time before you hit that jackpot.

One of the features that makes this online slot machine game so exciting and different from traditional slots games is the ability of the machine to ‘customize’ its programming based on the information that is entered by the customer. In addition to this, there is also the option of making a ‘regenerate’ sequence of spins in which you can continue where you left off. This is a feature that is only available on the Volts And Bolts Dr. Z slot machine.

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