Rooks Revenge


A new release in the highly popular casino game genre, Rooks Revenge has been given a complete overhaul for its 2021 edition. In the traditional style of the game, two teams compete against each other in hopes of taking home the most money. The twist in Rooks Revenge, though, is that the players are also trying to avoid being eliminated from the game as quickly as possible. If you enjoy playing casino games with long rounds of betting, then Rooks Revenge should be a perfect choice, offering plenty of interesting variables that will keep you coming back for more.

With the new Rooks Revenge, all of the usual rule changes have been made. Instead of earning money for every bet they make, players now earn experience points instead. This way, players can learn new strategies as well as gain valuable experience points to help them advance through the ranks. Plus, because this version of the classic game uses a new non-Progressive slot spin engine, players who have previously played the traditional version of the game can feel right at home.

If you enjoy playing traditional slots, then the Rooks Revenge slot game should provide you with plenty of opportunities for entertainment. Each round of the game features several different versions of the traditional “I’ve got a secret to tell” story. As you place your bets, you’ll have to decide which of the seven randomly chosen rooks you have in your stack should be yours to reveal. Once you do, the other seven will instantly fly off the board and be placed into the little hole you have created for them. Players who don’t want to take a chance on revealing their own rook might find it useful to play a double or even triple combination that yields large multipliers.

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