Kitty Cash


Kitty Cash is a casino game based on a well-known Persian cat named Kitty. This means that this casino game is about cats, their rich history, and their rich lifestyle. The player controls this beautiful feline in order to make her roll the wheel and earn money. Although this may sound simple, it is a challenging game as you need to be able to think fast in order to earn money, avoid being trapped, and winning money along the way.

This free online casino game gives you the option of betting or playing for free. You can choose the way you want to play this game and the player has the option of playing for one hour as well as for the entire night if they so wish. Kitty Cash has ensured that players get the best gambling experience and this has been proven by its huge amount of bonus features.

The player also has the option of betting using real money or using coins per line. Players who like to play for free can do so and here, players can select the number of coins per line that they wish to play with. Those who want to gamble using real money can do so and here, they can select the denomination that they want to bet on. The casino game has nine lines that have a maximum of nine coins per line that a player can bet on and winning here is dependent upon luck.

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