6 Ways People Cheat at Online Poker

They say that poker is a game of strategy and luck. Maybe it is correct; perhaps it is wrong because there are still things you can do to win at poker, which is through cheating strategies. Every online casino operator gets upset with these cheating strategies, but we will tell you the six ways people cheat at online poker to know the cheaters.

  1. Use of Malware.

Many cheaters use malware for online games. Cheaters will even go at great lengths to give out that malware to other poker players. They have a series of steps that they do for the malware installation.

Step 1. Cheater might get in touch with possible poker players online.

Step 2. Once the cheater creates a chat room for the possible poker players, s/he sends malware to the group chat, and once the players click that malware, it is ready to use.

Step 3. The malware is compatible with any online poker program. With the malware, the cheater can see the hole cards of the other player.

  1. Use of Pre-installed Malware.

This strategy is not as easy as it seems. Some cheaters will go full length at cheating that they may sell computers to other possible poker players that already have a pre-installed malware. And once these players open their online poker game, the malware is up and running.

  1. Camera spying on other players.

Speaking of great lengths, some cheaters may put on spy cameras to other online poker players to see what these poker players are doing in their online poker games. Some would even go inside the houses and install the spy cameras just near the computer or laptop.

  1. Make a fake blog.

Making a fake blog is another exciting way to take advantage of another online poker player. A cheater can introduce himself as an online reporter for a phony blog and may get some information about the player. If the fake blogger successfully steals the information of the hole cards of the player, then this might be a win for the cheater.

  1. Online Collusion.

First, what is online collusion? Online collusion is a conspiracy that an online poker plays at other players to deceive them. One plot that the cheaters do is to make accounts with small deposits and link them to other players so that they can get ahold of information from other players.

  1. The super-users.

A super-user is an online player who uses an account to get access to multiple functions of the online poker site. This form of cheating is not easy to spot because of the many players an online poker site can have.

The cheating strategies above are only some of the strategies that cheaters do to win at online poker. With this, you must take into precaution of anything you do if you want to play online poker.

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